Our Team

HRS Logic operates an extensive cadre of project management specialists in the realms of telecom, IT, communications and renewable energy. Among those leading specialists, you may find the following professionals:

  • Financial advisors
  • Telecom specialists
  • Project managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Communication infrastructures experts
  • IT systems specialists
  • Renewable energy consultants
  • Computer engineers
  • Electrical & electronics engineers
  • Technicians
  • Legal advisors
  • Regulation specialists
  • Risk analysis experts

Our Clients

HRS Logic holds a worldwide clientele, from both the private and public sectors. Among those large-scale clients, you may find the following ones:

  • Tourist resorts
  • Large-scale corporations
  • Malls
  • Real estate contractors
  • Real estate management and maintenance firms
  • Large-scale business centers
  • Business centers
  • Real estate entrepreneurs
  • International Hi-Tech firms
  • Large-scale infrastructures
  • Municipalities